Get more out of your healthy lifestyle

Support FitRPG and fund our Kickstarter,  so we can create a more beautiful, engaging and immersive experience. 

FitRPG is a game that rewards you for your healthy habits. Transform your Fitbit data into a character that can fight your friends, battle bosses, and go on quests using the steps, distance, and sleep tracked by your Fitbit! Take fitness to another level, literally.

  • Battle your Fitbit friends to steal their gold and experience. Most fit player wins. See how you rank against other players in the leaderboard.
  • Go on timed solo quests, which range from walking 5,000 steps to running a marathon. Win gold and experience if you succeed. Lose gold if you fail.
  • Try to fly up through the rankings and level up your character by beating as many bosses as you can.
  • Use your gold to buy weapons, potions, armor, and other accessories. Use potions to restore HP, and equip weapons to improve your chances at winning battles against your friends.
  • All you have to do to get started is download the app and sign in with your Fitbit account. Then, it’s game time.