Get more out of your healthy lifestyle

About the Team

FitRPG came out of a group project at Hack Reactor, a dev bootcamp in San Francisco. Fitness trackers provide users with a lot of data, but they do nothing with it, and seeing that data in of itself is not always enough motivation to stay fit, so the team decided to gamify fitness and turn data from your Fitbit tracker into a game you can play against your friends. Meet the team:


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Amira Anuar

Amira has worked at two tech start-ups on the product side and through that gained a lot of exposure to new technologies and software development. She realized she wanted to play a more direct role in the engineering of a product. After over a year of self-teaching and online classes, she decided to do Hack Reactor to kickstart her goal of getting a job as a full-stack developer in the Bay Area. Amira’s top passions are programming (duh), fitness (yes!), baking, squash, running, aerial fabrics, learning constantly, logic puzzles, and eating.




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Matt Gutierrez

Matt has a background in mechanical/structural engineering, but was working in real estate development for the last 4 years. He got bored and wanted something to challenge him. In the last year, he started learning how to make mobile apps for iOS and Android in his spare time. He released a few simple games and got hooked. Attaining some success in his mobile apps, he knew he wanted to dedicate his time to coding full time. For fun, he likes anything outdoors-fishing, hiking, camping, or offroading.





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Conor Fennell

Conor has worked as a Java developer for 4 years. Learned a ton about delivering, meeting deadlines and working with a multi located team. Always learning and wanting to make the move to a full stack developer, Hack Reactor was the ideal shortcut and he has loved every minute of it. Conor also enjoys traveling, squash, anything science related, and Amira’s cookies.